Welcome to Xtreme Burger!


Xtreme Burger believes in starting your day with a hearty and healthy breakfast. Xtreme Burger opened at Antioch in January of 2008 to offer complete breakfast, lunch and dinner option that is fast, fresh and healthy. Choices of ham, bacon, link sausages, beef patties, and linguica make the perfect match for fluffy pancakes, French toast, hash browns and variety of omelets. Further tempt yourself at lunch with a variety of hamburgers made from fresh 100% U.S. beef, garden burgers, chilidogs, chicken, turkey and sandwiches. Xtreme Burger uses local suppliers, promotes low carb and low fat alternatives. Try once and you will be come a passionate fan. There's truly something for everyone at this restaurant. "Xtreme Burger is not big, giant, or huge, it's Xtreme!"